About Us

About Green Field

Green Field Foundation Limited is a registered charitable institution focused on taking care of our environment and promoting “Green” education.

We focus on building “Green Care” schools to teach younger generation the importance of protecting our environment and sustainable use of natural resources. The “Green Care” schools will serve as a base to promote environmentally responsible farming among local communities. We develop “Green Care” communities to teach farmers the concept of “Biodynamic” and “Organic” farming techniques to sustain their farmland.

Living in remote villages, local farmers are tied to their lands. Farmland is their only assets and means of livelihood. We are committed to help them to sustain their valuable assets and livelihood.

Our Vision

To care and revitalise our Earth for a greener and better tomorrow.

Our Mission

To influence and educate people around us to support and implement our vision.


To build sustainable communities by promoting the “Green Care School” and “Green Care Community” concepts so that people will see the benefit of caring and revitalising our Mother Earth.