The “Green Care School” Concept

A school with environmentally friendly design

To take into consideration of local environment, climate and natural resources, and incorporate these elements into the green building design;

A school that attracts talents

With proper design and planning, pleasant living condition and a conducive environment for teaching, the School will be able to attract and retain better teachers and hence raise the academic standard of local children;

A school with diverse education development

To arrange interested volunteers to give talks or lessons on specific topics, e.g. English language, environmental protection, interactive teaching technique, civic education etc. for teachers, parents and children;

A school that benefits the local community

To source building materials, technology and contractors locally; hence, the building and the maintenance of the School would directly benefit local business entities and labors;

A school as a biodynamic training center for local village

A piece of land in every Green Care School will be dedicated to a small biodynamic farm. Children and teachers will learn biodynamic farming skills as an extra curriculum activity, and hopefully, the success of the farm produce will encourage local farmers to engage in biodynamic farming practice.

The Aim of Building “Green Care School”

The aim of Green Field Foundation is to build schools in poor and rural villages in China to provide general education for children. Other than implementing the education policy set up by the government, GFF aims to promote environmental education, local culture, customs, arts & craft and agricultural produce. We hope that children in rural villages or counties continue to enjoy improved quality of living with education and land conservation.

Rules and Provision for School Building Green Care School

The objective of the rules and provisions is to seek cooperation from various parties, local government, non-governmental organisations and management of the school in school building project and to implement provisions set by the Green Field Foundation:

  1. Support and promote educational and training activities in relation to conservation of nature and green agriculture as proposed by Green Field Foundation and the School;
  2. Local people and authorities work together and provide suitable facilities and venue for promoting all green activities;
  3. Advocate or strengthen ethical, intellectual, physical, social skills and aesthetic education;
  4. Promote and conserve local culture, customs, traditional art and craft;
  5. Help the local community increase awareness of family education and public hygiene, launch caring projects or activities outside the School;
  6. Work together for a greener and better environment and community.