“Better English for A Greener China Summer Camp” for English Teachers of PanXian, GuiZhou, China, 2005

Date August 15th – 18th, 2005
Place Pan Xian #2 High School, PanXian, GuiZhou, China
Organizers Pan Xian #2 High School
Green Field Foundation Limited (GFF)
Sponsors PanXian Education Board
City University of Hong Kong (City U)
China Literacy Foundation Ltd (CLF)
Event Executives Matthew Cheng (GFF)
Dr. Graham Lock (City U)
Mr. Zhang (Pan Xian #2 High School, GuiZhou)
Aim and Objectives To improve teaching skill and techniques of local English teachers through linguistic techniques and creative learning activities;
To bring the concept of better use of natural resources and environmental protection to local teachers and education authorities.
Report The summer camp was led by five voluntary ESL teaching professionals – Dr Gramham Lock, Dr Lindsay Miller, Dr Virginia Costa, Ms B J Gran and Mr Andrew Leung. There were four committee members of GFF and four young volunteers to help out. The summer camp was a fun event and a big success. There were about 80 local middle and high school English teachers attending the camp. Both the participants and volunteers enjoyed themselves very much. For most of the volunteers, it was a new experience and we learnt and saw a lot during the trip. We are all looking forward to running the same event next year.

The participants also valued the events very much and we have positive feedback from all of them. From this first summer camp, we learnt a lot about the language barrier of local teachers and what they need to improve their ESL teaching skills. We are committed to running the event again at Panxian next summer and we will design a better programme to address their problems.

Our most encouraging feedback came from the parents of the young volunteers. Most of them felt that their children are more caring and thoughtful after coming back from the summer camp. What is more, the young volunteers are committed to joining us on the next summer camp.

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