Report on “Better English for A Greener China Summer Camp” for English Teachers of Fuyuan County, Yunnan, China, 2010

Date July 26th – 30th, 2010
Place Shengjing Middle School, Fuyuan, Yunnan, China
Organizers Fuyuan Education Board

Green Field Foundation Limited (GFF)

Sponsors Fuyuan Shengjing Middle School

Crowe Horwath (HK) CPA Limited

Green Field Foundation Limited

Aim and Objectives
  • To improve teaching skill and techniques of local English teachers through linguistic techniques and creative learning activities;
  • To bring the concept of better use of natural resources and environmental protection to local teachers so that they can influence their students.


The GFF English Summer Camp was held again this year. The target students were the secondary English teachers of Fuyuan County, Yunnan. A training section was given to all volunteer members on July 17 to ensure the activity would be held fruitfully and effectively.

July 24 was a sunny Saturday. A total of 16 volunteers were divided into 2 groups and traveled to Kunming from Hong Kong & Shenzhen. We had dinner in Kunming and took a bus organized by local Education Bureau to Fuyuan. We arrived the hotel quite late. The overall conditions of the hotel were pretty good.

On Sunday, we had a meeting in the morning to make sure everything is in order, and had a sight seeing trip to the old “Tea Route” in the afternoon. As it was the first time for some of the volunteers visiting Kunming, the scenery was very impressive. Yet our trip was cut short by pouring rain.

The camp started from July 26, Monday to July 30, Friday. The morning sections were lessons given by tutors and the afternoons sections were group discussions leading and monitoring by the volunteers. There were brief exchange and sharing for us each evening after school.

At the last day of the camp, a group performance were presented by each group to demonstrate the skills they learnt during the past 4 days and show their passion to perform in English. The performances included dramas, singings and charade. The shows were creative and full of fun. All volunteers were impressed by their passion and creativity. It was agreed that teachers are born actors.

The local English teachers, i.e. our students, were friendly and enthusiastic. They tried very hard to communicate with us in English. Some of them were a bit shy at the beginning but became quite talkative after warming up. In the afternoon classes, besides doing the assigned exercises, they also shared their culture and stories with us. Their English standard was quite high, although the pronunciation was with strong accent in general. Their vocabulary is good as well. The local educational department paid high attention to this activity. The officers were also very considerate and hospitable.

It was to our surprise that Fuyuan is so rich. The mining industry there generates wealth for them. Next time, we are looking forward to visit a more remote and less established county.

Last but not the least, Kunming is a very beautiful place.

Edith Kung

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