Building a Bridge in Qiaoma Town, Guizhou Province

Date Foundation Laying: August 2008
Completion: March 2009
Place Qiaoma Town, Ceheng County, Guizhou
Organizers Qiaoma Town Government
Green Field Foundation Limited
Sponsors Green Field Foundation Limited
Project Executive Mr Pan Chonghua (Town Head, Qiaoma Town Government)
Tina Law (GFF)
Teresa Kwok (GFF)


Qiaoma Town of Ceheng County in Guizhou is a typical poor rural town. In December 2007 when GFF’s members visited the town school there, we found that the Zhegao River passing nearby is one of the contributory rivers of the Pearl River, from which comes the drinking water of Hong Kong people. In every raining season, the Zhegao River rises rapidly, and villagers and students have to risk their lives crossing the river to the main road and school. A student was drowned and washed away when crossing the river to school in the raining season of 2007.

The Qiaoma Town Government considers that building a bridge should come before a school for protecting the students. The Green Field Foundation Limited thus decides to sign an agreement with the Qiaoma Town Government on building a bridge which will be named “Junma Bridge” (Meaning Fine Horses Bridge), in association with the “Qiaoma Town” (Meaning Ingenious Horses Town).

We hope that the “Junma Bridge” will not only ensure the safety of the students crossing the River, but also safeguard the origin of the Pearl River against pollution.

The bridge project design will base on the principles of practicality and environmental friendliness. We will try to use local materials and technical staff and labour, in a view to provide employment for the villagers and help build the community.

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