Heart of Goodness – Fukushima Before 3.11 Charity Photo Exhibition

Date Nov 15 – Dec 14, 2011 – SR Gallery Cafe
3/F Cubus, 1-3 Hoi Ping Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
February 2012 – Man Yee Shopping Center
60 -68, Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong
March 2012 – Central Plaza
8 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Organizers Friends of Fukushima
Green Field Foundation Limited (GFF)
Sponsors Japan Consulate General in Hong Kong
SR Gallery Cafe
Man Yee Shopping Center
Central Plaza
Friends of the Earth
Green Field Foundation
Acumen Design Limited
Excellent Colours Limited
Aim and Objectives On March 11, 2011, the world witnessed the catastrophic earthquake and the ensuing tsunami that relentlessly struck Fukushima of Japan, killing more than 20,000 people and making hundreds and thousands homeless. Fukushima, a land of natural beauty, was further hit by breaking down of the nuclear plants that haunted the rest of the world.

The “Heart of Goodness” Fukushima before 3.11 photo exhibition is dedicated to the Japanese workers who are struggling at the damaged Fukushima nuclear reactors. They are quiet heroes who have devoted their lives to restore the reactors and prevent further damage done to mankind.

Frances Tong, the photographer, was called to show the world that Fukushima is not only about damaged nuclear reactors. Fukushima is also a paradise where mountains and lakes come together. This exhibit showcases the four seasons of Fukushima that catch our breath. This is in contrast to recent images of Fukushima as being the site of crippled nuclear reactors and nuclear leakage.

The natural beauty that exists in Fukushima also exists in many other places. We hope that the photos awaken each of us to do our part in protecting the natural environment by conserving energy and consuming material things mindfully.

Fund Raising Target We seek to raise a minimum of HKD 300,000 from the photo exhibition. All proceeds from the sales of print will be channeled to promote protection of the environment and to those suffering from the nuclear disaster. We aim to sell the print at HK$3,110 each.

The use of HK$3,110 from the sale of each print:

Revitalization for Farmland by Biodynamic Agriculture Practice

Your HK$3,110 contribution will be used to revitalize the farmland in China, using Biodynamic Agriculture practices. The amount can initiate farmers and sustain the activities of biodynamic farming practice for one year for 5 acres of farmland.

The main achievements of this practice are:-
1) Increase organic matters and bio-activities of soil by 1%;
2) Reduces soil erosion by 80%;
3) Reduce warm house gas emission by 80%;
4) Reduce contamination of waterways by nitrogen and other chemical contents by 95%;
5) Improve biodiversities and reduce environmental impact by 80%;
6) Reuse of organic and other waste materials by 90%;
7) Sustain land productivity and soil fertility by 30%;
8) Eco-friendly and healthier production of products for practitioners; and
9) Saver and better produce for consumers.

Conversion of Farmland from Chemical Fertilizer to Organic Fertilizer

For every HK$3,110 we raised, we can subsidize farmers to convert the use of chemical fertilizers to organic fertilizers for 10 acres of farmland in one farming season in China or South East Asia countries.

The main achievements of this practice are:-
1) Eco-friendly and healthier production of products for practitioners;
2) Saver and better produce for consumers.

Exhibit Preview

Opening Reception

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