Reading Program for Ming De Book Corner at the Village Schools in Shanxi

Date 2011-2013
Place Ming De School in Taiyuan, Shanxi
Organizers Ming De School
Sponsors Crowe Horwath (HK) CPA Limited
Green Field Foundation Limited
Aim and Objectives
  • To provide reading facilities to students of the village schools;
  • To set up book corners in classrooms in order to allow students free and unhindered access to books, promote students’ self-management of library, as well as alleviate the administrative burdens of schools and teachers;
  • To cultivate students’ interest in reading through enhancing access to books.


2011 Work Report

From September 2011 onward, Crowe Horwath (HK) CPA Limited has pledged to sponsor the Ming De School’s projects, namely Ming De Library and Ming De Book Corner, under Green Field Foundation Limited for three years. With emphasis on high morality and proper behaviour, the projects are aimed at promoting the traditional education. As community charity activities, the projects encourage young people to study, fulfill and optimise the superior Chinese traditional culture through theories learning and self practicing.

Ming De Library adopts a mixed operation mode of a centre library and book corner in classrooms. With an open and self-managed approach, the centre library can provide a plenty of opportunities and resources for reading but it is still not easy for primary students who are dwelling far away to borrow books from the library. Ming De Book Corner, situated at the radiant zone of the centre library, has established the classroom book corner through collaboration with village schools, enabling students to have free and unhindered access to books. The students’ self-managed library also helps relieve the administrative burdens of schools and teachers, and cultivate students’ interest in reading through a substantially increased access to books.

Currently, four schools have co-operated to set up Ming De book corners among them 21 were established in Dai Jia Bao School, Zhang Hua Yíng Primary School, Dong Pu Primary School (i.e. every class and offices of teaching staff in every school were set up book corners). The first batch of over 1,200 books is already in place for these schools. The books for the Second High School at Beigezhen have also arrived at the centre library and they will be delivered to the school once the book cataloging has been completed.

On 26 November 2011, Ming De Library organised the first demonstration class for reading at Dai Jia Bao School. The demonstration received enthusiastic responses from the teachers who also exchanged opinions with the demonstration organizer.

Ming De Library and Centre School at Beigezhen have reached a strategic co-operation agreement through which Ming De Library will continue to establish Ming De book corners in schools under Centre School at Beigezhen to launch the reading class together with a series of publicity activities for promotion of reading.

On 22 October 2011, Ming De Library and Centre School at Beigezhen jointly organized “Ming De Cup – Speech Contest for Chinese Souls”. Ming De Library designed the award certificates for and offered the prizes to the contest winners. The contest was very successful.

2012 Work Plan

1. Program for Seed Reading Teachers
In conjunction with Centre School at Beigezhen, Ming De Library will select 1 to 2 teachers from schools with book corners established to participate in the reading program. The selected teachers will be sent out to receive training and exchange with other schools and then they are required to initiate the reading class within schools.

2. Weekend Class at Ming De School
From 2012 onward, Ming De School will launch the weekend classes including Ming De Story Association, Ming De Choir and Ming De Handicraft Class. Through invitation of parent participation, Ming De Story Association will convey the principle of the way one should live in the world though story-telling. Ming De Choir will use the resources of Chun Feng Art Troupe to teach students the music knowledge while Ming De Handicraft Class will enable students to learn how to do embroidery and to cook.

3. Other Regular Activities
Regular activities with festival themes will be organized during seasonal festivals in 2012 to enable students to understand the origins and history of the respective festivals.

4. Ming De Library will co-organize with Centre School at Beigezhen for 1 to 2 activities in 2012 work plan

5. Ming De Library will continue to set up 4 Ming De book corners in 2012

Ming De Library
Director-General : Lu Hai Song
Dec 31, 2011

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