Library at Chenjiaba Secondary School, Mianyang City, Sichuan

Date 17 June, 2010
Place Chenjiaba Secondary School, Beichuan Qiang Autonomous County
Organizers Chenjiaba Secondary School
Beichuan Qiang Autonomous County
Green Field Foundation Limited (GFF)
Sponsors Green Field Foundation Limited (GFF)
Aim and Objectives To provide reading facilities for the rebuilt school after the earthquake;
To help establishing sustainable educational facility for the afflicted students of the earthquake.


The old Chenjiaba Secondary School was located at Chenjiabachang Town, 19 km east of the old city of Beichuan. The whole school including the academic and office building, laboratory, teaching staff and student hostels, and all facilities were totally disrupted in the huge earthquake in 12 May. 11 students and 5 teachers were reported dead, with dozens injuried. After the earthquake, the students have to go to other parts of Beichuan such as Guixi and Mianyang to continue their studies.

After the casualties, with assistance from Qingdao city, the reconstruction project of Chenjiaba junior high school was started on 12 January 2009 and completed on 25 August 2009. The new school is named as “Beichuan Qiang Autonomous County Haier Chenjiaba Secondary School”.

The new school is located at Shuangyan Village of Chenjiaba. The school has a site area of 15,550 sq m, a total floor area of 6,087 sq m, and comprises of the teaching zone, living zone and sports zone. The teaching zone has 15 classrooms, one laboratory for each of the physics, chemistry and biology class respectively, a PC room, multi-media teaching room, language room, music room, arts room, teaching room for children not living with their parent or parents who are working in other areas, and 8 teaching staff offices. The living zone has 40 student hostels, a student canteen and a restaurant, and 8 teaching duty rooms. The sports zone, with a site area of 5,000 sq m, has a 200-m circular track, a 100-m track, and a mini football field. Also, the school is fenced and has a green area. All the facilities and equipment in the functional teaching rooms, offices, laboratories, canteens and hostels are brand new. Total investment of the school amounts to 21.57 million yuan.

The school officially opened on 30 August 2009. Currently, it has 511 students of 12 classes; 39 teaching staff, 35 of them are permanent staff.

Green Field Foundation has visit the afflicted school in 2009 and decided to allocate RMB150,000 yuan from the “Care for Tomorrow” program to buy books and equipment for the library at the school to help establishing sustainable educational facilities for the afflicted students.

A total of RMB150,840 yuan was spent in the library. Facilities provided include book, bookshelves, desk and chairs, and computers.

The original plan of the school did not include the library and reading room. After the foundation expressed the wish of donation, the school authority decided to transform 2 offices into a library and a corridor linking the 2 teaching building into the reading room.

The reading room is spacious and well-lit with 30 reading desks and 180 seats. We had donated 5,000 books to the library. Two volunteers work as instructors and librarians in the library, responsible for handling, lending the books, setting up electronic files, and guiding the students.

Our volunteer in Sichuan, Mu Guang Yao is responsible for managing and purchasing the books and facilities for the reading room. Construction of the library and reading room was completed on 17 June 2010 and has been opened since then.

As representatives of the GFF, we attended the ceremony of donation of reading room held at Haier Chenjiaba Secondary School on 25 June 2010.

Volunteer in Sichuan, Mu Guang Yao
25 June 2010

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