Reading Room at Youxian Secondary School, Mianyang City, Sichuan

Date 1 September, 2010
Place Youxian Secondary School, Mianyang City, Sichuan Province)
Organizers Youxian Secondary School, Mianyang City
Green Field Foundation Limited (GFF)
Sponsors Green Field Foundation Limited (GFF)
Aim and Objectives To provide reading and recreational facilities for the rebuilt School after the earthquake;
To help establishing sustainable educational program for the afflicted students of the earthquake.


Youxian Secondary School is an integrated school with 40% local students, 60% migrant children of workers and peasants from the rural area. The School charges no tuition, but only 20 yuan for workbook fee. Before the earthquake, the School was granted the first class prize of Quality Teaching School in Youxian district for three consecutive years, and even a top award this year and become a window school for the integrated urban and rural schools in Youxian district.

Construction fund of the new school is donated by the Tzu Chi Foundation in Taiwan. According to the construction plan, the primary and secondary sectors will be located in the same zone. There will be 73 teaching staff and 1,037 secondary junior students, the number of the juniors will see a net increase of more than 300 each year reaching 2,000 students. Including the primary school, the total student number will reach 3500-4000 after 5 years.

Green Field Foundation organized an “English Summer Camp” in the temporary Youxian Secondary School in 2009. The Foundation has decided to allocate RMB 170,000 from the “Care for Tomorrow” program for buying books and other facilities for the Reading Room at Youxian Secondary School.

The volunteer in Sichuan, Mu Guang Yao is responsible for managing and purchasing the books and facilities for the School. Construction of the Reading Room was completed on 1 September 2010 and has been opened since then.

Items worth 171,720 yuan including bookshelves, desk, chairs, and books were bought for the Reading Room.

The Reading Room with an area of over 300 sq. m. is located at the third floor of the Academic Building. The School has requested for additional desk and chairs, bookshelves and other facilities in consideration of long-term development. This time, 10,000 new books are added and the Reading Room can accommodate 200 students.

As representative of the GFF, Mu attended the ceremony of donation of Reading Room held at Youxian Secondary School on 22 December 2010.

Volunteer in Sichuan, Mu Guang Yao

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