English Summer Camp for Students of Youxian Secondary School, Mianyang City

Date July 26-31, 2009
Place Temporary School Site of Youxian Secondary School, Mianyang City
Organizers Green Field Foundation Limited (GFF)
Sponsors CCIF CPA Limited
Green Field Foundation Limited (GFF)
Aim and Objectives
  • To organize summer activities for students of Youxian Secondary School. The school is going to have a long summer holiday since most teachers and staff have to prepare for the construction and opening of its new school.
  • To allow local students and young people understand the livelihood of students affected by last year’s earthquake. It is the last chance to experience teaching in a settlement school.


Leading by Dr Graham Lock, the English Summer Camp for students of Youxian Secondary School at Mianyang City has been successfully executed. Youxian Secondary and Primary School had been destroyed during last year’s earthquake. The students are studying in a temporary structure 1 mile away from the original school site. The summer camp was held in the temporary site.

This year’s program was designed for junior secondary students. We had four professional teachers, volunteers from the sponsor, and some young volunteers. It was a big group of over 20 volunteers. However, the local response was unexpectedly high and we had to handle bigger classes than we had planned. It was hard work for our volunteers. Yet our hard work had been rewarded by the significant progresses of the students during the week. They are so eager to learn and their performances deeply impressed their teachers and our volunteers.

This event also provided a valuable experience for the volunteers, especially the younger ones. They have become the idols of local students and built up valuable friendship with them. The teachers and students of local area had been through such a tragic event, yet they were so content with what they had and living every moment wholeheartedly and happily. Living in Hong Kong, we should be grateful of what we have and learn from the people of the afflicted areas on how to face adversity and survive.

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