Sichuan Earthquake Emergency Aid Appeal

Date June 2008 onward
Place Afflicted area after the earthquake
Organizers Green Field Foundation Limited (GFF)
Project Executives Master Sik Chi Wan (GFF)
Marcellin Shi (GFF)
Teresa Kwok (GFF)
Cheryl Chan (GFF)

Programme Details

Greenfield Foundation Ltd has received first-hand report from volunteers working in Sichuan that the aid situation in the quake-affected areas is still in a state of confusion and disorder. Although a number of organisations continue to deliver aid materials to Sichuan, the lack of coordination means that the aid delivered does not always meet the needs of its recipients.

Volunteers have also raised concern over the lack of basic provisions for rescue workers and medical staff. Working night and day, these front-line workers are exposed to the unforgiving conditions without changes of clothes, with no basic hygiene products or energy-providing food.

The situation has become a desperate one. At the end of June, members of the Greenfield Foundation and volunteers will travel to Guiyang to purchase basic provisions (due to the lack of resources, the prices are now very high in Sichuan). We will then personally deliver these to front-line workers and survivors of the earthquake. The provisions will include:
- Rice
- Oil
- Medicine
- Water purifier
- Tents
- Toiletries (soap, feminine hygiene products etc)
- Clothes and towels

We are fortunate to have the help of some retired army officers, who will be joining our convoy and guiding us to more remote afflicted areas.

Due to the urgent and desperate nature of the appeal, we would like to ask for your generous donations in order to make this mission possible. Donations will be used to purchase the above provisions, and any remaining resources will be used in the “Care for Tomorrow” programme for the rebuilding work.

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