A Harmonious Society

The universe is governed by certain predestined factors. Any mismatches in the process will result in negative feedback and we have to accept the appropriate punishment.

The earth provides us with grains to nourish our body. We have been taught the ‘Five Moralities’ – benevolence, righteousness, etiquette, wisdom, and trust to fit in the society. Before our excessive demand for material possessions, Nature and Human was in harmony. President Hu Jintao’s call for harmonious society is a warning against our exploitation of the Nature.

Our excessive exploitation of natural resources will destroy the delicate balance of the Nature and lead to terrible catastrophes.

To achieve a harmonious relationship with Nature, we should lead a thrifty life. If we cultivate for self-sufficiency and not for commercial purposes, we learn for the sake of obtaining knowledge and not for making money; we do not need to spend so much effort yelling about protecting our environment.

There is a saying from the Buddhist scripture, Huayan Sutra that “Our heart serves as a fine painter who can paint the whole world”. Spare some time at night to review our life, our world, to see how we paint the world with our heart…

Master Sik Chi Wan

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