Ximeng CCIF Green Care School Building

Date Foundation Laying: Aug, 2007
Completion: March 2008
Place Nankang Village, Ximeng County, Yunnan
Organizers Ximeng County Education Bureau
Green Field Foundation Limited
Sponsors CCIF CPA Limited
Green Field Foundation Limited
Project Executive Mr Wang (Director, Ximeng County Education Bureau)
Master Sik Chi Wan (GFF)
Florence Chan (GFF)
Aim and Objectives To provide education facilities for needy children in the poor and less developed rural village;
To build a sustainable green primary school for rural children with a small piece of BioDynamic/Organic farmland for green farming education, planting green seeds into the heart of rural children so that they will be the future guardians of a greener world.

In early 2007, GFF received a donation from CCIF CPA Limited contributing to build a “CCIF Green Care School Building” in Nankang Villiage, Ximeng County, Yunnan.

Nankang Village is a mountain village in Xi Meng County of southwestern Yunnan Province wherein the minority Va tribe inhabits. It takes a 15 hours car journey from Kunming to the town center of Ximeng.

The “CCIF Green Care School Buidlign” is an extension of Nan Kangkang Village Primary School. The Primary School is some 11 km from the town government, covering 216 households with a total population of 1,875 people. Among them are 307 children of 7-12 years old who are of the right age to go to school. 340 students are now studying at the School of 2,286 sq. m. gross floor area, of which 538 sq. m. are unsafe.

In March 2007, with the donation of CCIF, GFF signed an agreement with the Ximeng Education Bureau to build a green care school building to replace the precarious old building. We undertook to dismantle the unsafe portion and build a 2-storey new building of 430 sq. m. with 6 classrooms.

The new school building was designed by young Hong Kong architects, Ms Lisa lam and Mr Kelvin Yeung. The project was implemented in line with the vision of GFF. From light utilisation to rain water collection, every detail complements the local environment to fully utilise natural resources.

The School Building was opened officially open on April 16, 2008.

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