Nurture Our Earth

The human mind is inherently immeasurable and immense, occupying the whole universe and space, generating limitless thoughts and ideas. The Earth can carry everything, embrace everything, give rise to everything and provide everything to all creatures. It is generous and forgiving, embracing the good and the bad. It treats everything and everybody with fairness, makes no complaint even when being maltreated. The kindness and merits of the Earth are beyond bounds. If our mind possesses the same quality as the Earth, harmony can be achieved among human and the Earth, human and the nature, and also among human beings.

However, as inhabitants of the Earth, what have we done for the Earth? Do we really love it? Have we done anything to protect it? It is quite obvious that we have done neither and even led to sufferings of the Earth.

Like all substance in the universe, the Earth has its cycle of birth, growth, decay and death; it is changing all the time. However, in our time living on it and with it, we should take great care of it, make good use of it and protect it. Then, we can live happily and peacefully on Earth in the present.

Master Sik Chi Wan

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